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Class of '81 Celebrates 40 years!


The Class of ‘81 was invited to serve as platform guests at a special commemorative program to celebrate their 40th graduation on Friday, the 21st of May, 2021. Former Student Government President and member of the class of ‘81, Wede Precious Brownell-Dennis served as guest speaker.

She spoke on the topic suggested by CWA's President, Rev. Paye Mondolo: Love for school, love for country.


Mrs. Dennis explained that from the moment we stepped into the hallowed halls of CWA as students, it became a part of our personal history. Hence, anything good or bad that happens to CWA, affects our heritage. She stipulated that Liberia’s future depends on the success of the young students. Mrs. Dennis listed ways in which she has and continues to make a positive difference in society and asked each of her classmates to do the same. Debar Allen, Elvina Lardner Dennis, Nomor Johnson Clarke, and Caroline Nelson Bernard each spoke of their accomplishments and traced them back to what they learned at CWA. The class reminded the school of their pledge to provide solar panels which was met with great jubilation. However, after sweating in the auditorium, class of ‘81 members also pledged to provide fans for the auditorium.


After solos, dance numbers, and a very eloquent speech by the current Student Government President, the president, Rev. Mondolo, thanked the class of ‘81 and looked forward to more collaboration with CWAGLOBAL.


The raw emotions felt by the Class of ‘81 from the time we climbed those historic stairs can never be forgotten.


Once a Fox, always a Fox!

From the members of Class of '81 (Liberia)

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