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CWA Global


The College of West Africa Global Alumni Association (CWAGAA) stands as a vibrant testament to the enduring legacy of the oldest secondary school in sub-Saharan Africa that has been continuous existence since its founding in 1839.


CWAGAA was formed in 2020. Established to foster connections, support, and opportunities among its diverse alumni spread across the globe, CWAGAA embodies a commitment to excellence, leadership, and community service instilled by the College of West Africa. With a rich history of producing distinguished professionals, leaders, and change-makers, CWAGAA serves as a nexus for collaboration, networking, and lifelong learning, ensuring that the bonds formed within the halls of the College endure far beyond graduation. Through its array of initiatives, events, and resources, CWAGAA continues to unite and empower its members, driving forward the spirit of excellence and service synonymous with the College of West Africa.

CWAGAA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization under the laws of the State of New Jersey, USA.

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